Salted Caramel | Luxury Brunette Hair Extensions by Harvey J Hair

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Salted Caramel | Brunette Luxury Hair Extensions by Harvey J Hair

Brunette hair extensions made from high-quality human hair.

Optimal midrange color. Pair with Platinum Ice for the blonde wanting a low light.

Model is wearing a stunning combination of Salted Caramel, Rooted Honey, and Brownie.

Complete the look

Hand-tied extension weft that is 20 inches long (technically 21 inches so you can cut the length to a true 20-inch length) and 12 inches wide weighing 20 grams.

What makes our hand-tied wefts unique is that they can be cut along the track! You will find four cut points along the top that when cut on the outside, the weft width can be shortened to that point. This allows for the utmost customizable size for your salon guest. Each hand-tied weft is reinforced along the track to ensure longevity.

Human hair extensions give you the best quality as they can be washed and styled just as you would your normal hair. Coloring the weft is only recommended by a licensed professional.

60 grams (3 wefts) is typical for adding fullness and minimal length. 120 grams (6 wefts) is typical for a full head of extensions. 


Hand Tied Weft


Length: 21 inches 
Width: 12 inches
Weight: 20 grams